The apps are not the future, but are part of our present, because with hundreds millions of people with smartphones in the world, and every one of those people using dozens of applications on their devices, saying that it is the future is not exactly the truth.



APPLICA’T are a team of professionals with training and experience, and seeing the potential of this new technology, we decided to go for them, creating our own applications as well as offering our services to those who want to create their own application.

 Because today when we talk about applications or app’s think about smartphones or tablets, but Smart TVs are becoming a reality, as well as cameras or goggles, smart watches will soon see the light and slowly the app’s will settling in many daily elements of our lives. In short, anything you can imagine will be interconnected with our mobile, tablet, PC, etc …

 Familia dispossitius apple


In APPLICA’T want to be part of that reality and we want to contribute our bit for all those who want to do it too. If you believe that for your business an app might be interesting, you have no doubt that it is, because the app’s are customized as you want or need.

   Geolocation, customized notifications, interactivity, there is a world of possibilities. The great advantage that smartphones give us is that we always carry them. Your customers do not have to wait to get home to see the information you want to offer them. They can see it anytime, anywhere.

  The app’s will be the future. The app’s are the present. Do not hesitate,