‘PLAY AND LEARN WITH ANIMALS’ is an app for Android phones to children between 0 and 6 years.

Simple and intuitive, the little kids will enjoy learning with animals and also have the option to test their knowledge.

There are two sections within the application: Learn and Play.

In the ‘Learn’ children learn to associate each animal with its name and the sound they make, whereas in section ‘Play’ they will test their knowledge. How many will be able to identify?

The application has a large number of both domestic and wild animals, among which we find birds, felines, marine animals, reptiles, etc …

 Screenshots of the application.


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Our APP is now available on Google Play in three versions, Free, Premium and Tablet.

In the free version there are 10 animals and contains advertising, while the Premium one, you will find 36 different animals and it is completely free of advertising. Tablet edition is the same as the Premium one but adapted for these devices.

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 Here you have the links to unload any of the two versions. If you are viewing this page from your mobile, click on the name of the application to go to the download page on Google Play. If you are viewing this page from a computer or tablet and have a QR code reader installed on your phone, you can capture the code and go directly to that page.


Download code "Play and Learns with the Animals - Premium"


Download code "Play and Learn with the Animals - Free Edition"


Download code "Play and Learn with the Animals - Tablet Edition"

 And you know, any problem or suggestion, please let us know.

  We hope you enjoy.