As promised! Read, you’ll like it.

We have released version 2.0 of our application “Play and Learn with the Animals”, and that means:

Those who have the free version now have it with more animals and a language more, it will now be biilingual (EnglishSpanish).

So you only have to uninstall that you have on your phone, enter Google Play (link here) and install that there is published.

Those who have the Premium one, with all the animals (36) and without advertising, now is biilingual (English-Spanish)

So you only have to update from Google Play.

For those who have not yet tried this app now is the time to install it if you have kids at home (by clicking on the image you will go directly to the app page on Google Play to install).

Jugar i Aprendre amb els Animals 2.0 Moreover, for all fans of the APPLICA’T Facebook page we will give you a code to, once installed that there is on Google Play, from the same app you may be able to obtain the premium version for mobile free, complete and without advertising.

This code will only be valid for next Wednesday, December 18, (will post the same day in the morning), so until that day you have time to install it from Google Play, or update if it is the Premium one.

Now that  Christmas holidays are coming and will have children at home for loooong time may very well come. Seize!

If you like our app, please evaluate it positively on Google Play. If you have any problems or questions, leave us a comment here, on facebook or twitter of APPLICA’T.

Thank you all for being there.